Bring your leather shoes back to life

It’s quite incredible to see the transformation of your leather shoes and sandals with a damp rag and some leather balm.

Belenka City Plum: A merge of barefoot comfort and fashion

Award-winning barefoot shoe company BeLenka handmake their shoes in house, and each pair are skillfully crafted, with quality materials and an exceptional finish.

Unshoes Forager Black: Moccasin Inspired Suede Shoes from Utah

Terral Fox never intended to sell sandals. He was just looking for his own perfect pair of sandals, and so started to make his own. But when his wife suggested he try selling them on Etsy, he decided to give it a shot.

Labky Sandals: Handcrafted sandals from Slovakia for those on a budget.

Peter Janura produces huarache sandals in a wide range of colours and combinations. You will see from his Instagram that he is hiking mad, hence his need for solid durable huaraches for the purpose.

What do Conventional Footwear and Bras have in common?

Perhaps to explain my nonsensical headline, I will first explain what non-conventional footwear means to me, commonly known as barefoot footwear. I usually use the term barefoot on this blog to refer to shoes, but I feel like the ‘barefoot’ qualities I attribute to shoes do not need to be limited to them.

Xenet Sandals: Versatile minimalist huaraches handmade in Spain

Jose from Xenet Sandals officially began making huarache style sandals in 2019. He makes them by hand (see image above), from cutting the sole to gluing, sanding, logo printing, to the final assembly. He has 4 styles: the Epic (for asphalt at 5mm sole thickness), the Gambler 10

Wildlings Bluebird: My ‘second skin’ sapphire blue shoes

I have been excited to try a pair of Wildlings for some time. Their enchanting playful branding has always appealed to me. German couple Anna and Ran conceived of Wildlings in 2013 out of necessity to find shoes their little children could move freely in.

Groundies Toronto Slim: a classic riding boot with maximum barefoot feeling

I must say I was pretty excited to discover Groundies as a brand. They happened to come up in my Instagram newsfeed, and at first glance, I couldn’t believe my eyes - on-trend stylish shoes - and barefoot approved!

Geniale: the ‘wafer thin’ huarache sandals from Austria!

Austrian brand Geniale Sandals have been making truly minimalist huarache style sandals since 2016, with a lacing system inspired by Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. Anika Radl, (Geniale Sandals founder) was fascinated by these masters of long-distance running and decided to try making her own.

Muki Sol Sneaker

How should I introduce Muki? I could tell you about how two mammies on a family outing decided that they would love to create their own barefoot shoe brand.

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