Nasty words are like ping pong balls: Teaching resilience through imagery

I started the day today with a crying 5 year old, upset that her brother had said a mean thing to her. She was in luck because my parenting reserve tank felt relatively full this morning after a decent night's sleep. I pondered for a moment before deciding on a ping pong as my weapon of choice to help her tears.

Has your mind been hijacked?

I love barefoot shoes. I love natural movement. I love sharing these things with the world. But, if you only read one of my posts, let it be this one.

How to add more movement to your life…without having to change your life!

Bare Soled Girl: Could you tell me a little about your general health, if you have any issues that prevent you from navigating your day to day life (injuries, illness etc)? Client: I have a dodgy pelvis since pregnancy that hasn't gone back to normal. Otherwise, fit and healthy, if a little ‘unfit’.

The Women who Make their Kids’ Shoes

Barefoot shoes (or minimalist shoes as they are also called) are becoming more popular in mainstream culture, as people see for themselves the whole-body benefits of wearing a shoe that is foot-shaped and not shoe shaped.

How I Get My Kids to Walk Long Distances… or Walk at all!

Walking is incredibly important to children’s physiological development. We are biologically designed to walk, and kids need plenty of practice at it to do it well. By doing it well, I mean developing

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