12 Best Shoe Brands for Bunions

Hello, fellow bunion owners! Bunions or hallux valgus as they are medically named are deformities of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot. This article will not discuss how to fix bunions with the right shoe or make any promises for magic cures to fix your bunion. What it will do is discuss the 12 best shoe brands out there right now to accommodate comfortably a bunion, whilst you do the restorative whole-body work to improve your feet.

Are alignment ‘cues’ a waste of time?

For me, trying to fix your walking or running alignment by directing ‘cues’ at your body that you have learned from somewhere or someone is like trying to break a habit with willpower.

Gary Ward on how to REALLY wake your body up, starting with the feet.

I have the pleasure of introducing you to Gary Ward, an absolute pioneer in the world of movement. Gary is known for breaking the mould of anatomical thinking and for his creation of the Flow Motion Model®.

What do Conventional Footwear and Bras have in common?

Perhaps to explain my nonsensical headline, I will first explain what non-conventional footwear means to me, commonly known as barefoot footwear. I usually use the term barefoot on this blog to refer to shoes, but I feel like the ‘barefoot’ qualities I attribute to shoes do not need to be limited to them.

How to add more movement to your life…without having to change your life!

Bare Soled Girl: Could you tell me a little about your general health, if you have any issues that prevent you from navigating your day to day life (injuries, illness etc)? Client: I have a dodgy pelvis since pregnancy that hasn't gone back to normal. Otherwise, fit and healthy, if a little ‘unfit’.

Are you primordially fit?

✔️ We all know that taking the stairs is better than the elevator…. ✔️ We all know that walking to work is better than taking the car…. ✔️ We all know that taking movement breaks whilst sitting at a computer is better than being stationary for long periods…….

How I Get My Kids to Walk Long Distances… or Walk at all!

Walking is incredibly important to children’s physiological development. We are biologically designed to walk, and kids need plenty of practice at it to do it well. By doing it well, I mean developing

‘Decrypting’ the Body: Dominik Koch on C- section scars, Barefoot shoes and Stretching

Little did I know that a cesarean section scar from 7 years ago was hindering the movement of my pelvis, nor was I aware that an old knee injury was preventing my left foot from moving well.

Muki: Probably the Most Sustainable Shoe Brand in the World……

Muki was born from friend duo Madlen (German) and Marta (Portuguese). When they conceived their brand in 2018, their goal was to create a healthy and minimalist shoe, that looked great and was entirely made of natural materials.

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