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Kids Winter Boots from Beda Barefoot

Beda Barefoot is a 'produce on demand' shoe company from the Czech Republic. Once an order is placed, the shoes are placed in production with a manufacturing time of 5-10 days. I find this a really neat and sustainable idea, as I imagine brands must have stacks of unsold shoes in their warehouses. I was delighted when they offered me a pair of Daniel boots to review, however as always, the views expressed are my own.

Elegance and Style: Angles Unisex ‘Thales’ Ankle Boot

Underrated Czech brand Angles Fashion handmake shoes in their hometown of Zlín. They have an interesting brand story - in that they measured a total of 1,056 Czech feet from people at music festivals and public events in order to get a good indication of what real foot shape is. If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is!

Toe Spacers: Game-changing Hack or Gimmick?

Toe spacers/spreaders/stretchers have recently become the item to have in the land of barefoot. They claim to realign feet by passively coaxing your feet back into their natural alignment with a full toe splay. I am here to investigate if they are game-changers for your feet or simply another gimmick.

Retro Style Sneakers from Magical Shoes

Polish brand Magical Shoes make their shoes locally using Polish materials. Born in 2015, Aldona Zawada decided to put a half century's worth of shoemaking experience to good use by creating a fresh barefoot brand. Their styles are very unique and offer running shoes, winter boot and sandals in adults and kids options. They also offer a few vegan styles.

Ahinsa Barefoot Brand Showcase

Ahinsa is a 100% vegan brand that I came across last year. Their shoes are ethically produced, have a very spacious toe box, with super flexible soles AND lightweight! Shoes are made by hand and there is a decent choice of styles.

Ahinsa Sundara Ankle Comfort Boots: A review

Award-winning and physiotherapist approved brand Ahinsa is the brainchild of Lukáš Klimpera, a Czech physiotherpaist. He noticed how after successful therapy, his patients often slipped into shoes that once again damaged their locomotor system. For his patients (and for himself, too), he began to search for shoes that would enable the natural function of their feet and body, and after a lot of research and hard work, Ahinsa was born.

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