🎁 Barefoot Friendly Christmas Gift Guide (for every budget) 🎁

β›„ Are you a body nerd wanting to spread the good word to your family and friends?

β›„ Do you have someone in your life you feel could do with a little barefoot TLC?

β›„ Or are you a conventional shoe wearer unsure how to shop for the barefoot enthusiast in your life?

🎁 You have come to the right place! I have ideas for every pocket, so without further ado, let’s get started!

Gifts for Free

  1. Offer to start a new movement activity with them – could be walking in nature, skinny dipping in the nearby lake or a fun dance class.
  2. Make them a foot scrub using sea salt (or granulated sugar) and coconut oil. Simply mix the two in 2:1 proportion of salt to oil, and add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance.
  3. Craft some daily natural movement/barefoot-friendly motivational cards that they can read.
  4. Give them one of your favourite movement books with a handmade bookmark telling why you chose it.
  5. Make them some warm barefoot-style insoles by taking an old wool jumper, boil washing it, then cutting it to shape and attaching some duct tape to the back.
  6. Knit them some barefoot slippers! There is any number of easy patterns out there, but Ravelry is a great place to start.
  7. Offer to clean up an old pair of shoes/boots for them that they love. If it is a leather pair, it’s just a matter of wiping with a damp cloth, treating with a good leather balm and finishing with a waterproofing spray.
  8. Introduce them to a natural movement/barefoot-friendly podcast you think they might enjoy.
  9. Send them a link to an amazing 10 minute C.A.R.s routine here. Controlled Articular Rotations are in simple terms movements to lubricate and mobilise your joints, and are great to include in your daily routine.
Courtesy of the Voice of Woman website

Under €10

  1. How about a nice pair of spacious barefoot socks? Belenka do some funky coloured ones here, Injinji do some here, and Freet do two-toe ones here.
  2. Classic movement books such as Animal Moves by Darryl Edwards, or Born to Run by Christopher mc Dougall.
  3. Get those toes some lovin with ocean Fizz effervescent foot soak from Tropics. Check out these wonderful ingredients: Bicarbonate of Soda, Citric Acid, Gentle Foaming Agent, Anticaking Agent, Sea Salt, Essential Oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lime, Coconut Coir Fibre.
Courtesy of Belenka website

Under €20

  1. Toe Spreaders are a super way to stretch out tired weary toes, and I think everyone should own a pair! The Foot Collective do some here.
  2. Do you want to gift the absolute best natural movement eLearning course out there (which happens to be under 20 quid)? Head over to Gary Ward’s Anatomy in Motion website where you can choose from the amazing Wake Your Body Up programme, or the equally incredible Wake Your Feet up programme.
  3. Whole Body Barefoot book by Katy Bowman, a staple o any barefoot enthusiast shelf.
  4. Retro rotary kitchen whisk! Give the gift of strong arms with these funky vintage style whisks!
Courtesy of the Vintage Kitchen Store

Under €30

  1. Foot Alignment Socks are designed to separate, stretch and align the toes and you can find them here in many colours.
  2. The Foot Collective have a foot restoration kit with a foot mobility lacrosse ball and a pair of Wild Toe spreaders (one size fits all). Find it here.
  3. The Practice of Natural Movement by Erwan le Corre or What the Foot by Gary Ward are two amazing movement books.
  4. Fitness Cards: a simple way to playout, anytime, anywhere. Cardio, strength, posture and mobility exercises inspired by the animal kingdom to boost power, conditioning and flexibility. Find them on the Primal Play website here.
  5. A squatty potty toilet stool!
  6. An eco friendly iphone case (made with vegetables!) with movement message on the back “Play for Life”.
  7. How about a manual coffee grinder – coffee and movement – what a combination!
  8. An E-Gift Voucher from Vivo Barefoot !
  9. A Walk on the Beach Natural Foot Pampering Collection from Tropics
Courtesy of Primal Play website

Under €40

  1. A 3-month Virtual studio membership with Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement.
  2. An Age Dynamically Kit for the older barefoot enthusiast in your life.
  3. An IKEA Norbo Wall mounted Standing Desk.
Courtesy of IKEA website

Under €100

  1. A beautiful non-toxic wild hemp exercise mat from Proud London.
  2. A ‘decrypting’ bodywork session with Dominick of Decrypt Bodywork. Find the missing link that sets your body free – he parts of yourself that have been overlooked in the past.
  3. A 3-month access to Animal Flow on demand. Check out this ground-based movement, made fun, challenging and effective.
  4. Stylish barefoot slippers from Chilote – handmade with wool, leather or upcycled salmon skin!
  5. Podiatrist designed toe spacers from Correct Toes.
  6. Some foot stimulating insoles from Naboso to increase foot sensitivity and awareness.
  7. Yoga Tune up Roll Model Starter Kit – use as a gentle but wonderfully effective way of relieving muscle tension and building strength.
  8. Eco friendly carbon neutral and stunning circular exercise mats from The Form.
Courtesy of the Form website

Over €100

  1. Walking Well: A Stepwise Approach to an Everyday Movement by Jill Miller and Katy Bowman, online video programme.
  2. Handmade Barefoot Shoes from Portugal! Tami from FreeSole Barefoot customizes each pair and they are stunning! To order send her a message on Instagram or Whatsapp +351934618081. Bear in mind she will need tracings and measurements of the feet.
  3. Custom-designed shoes by artist Petr JΓ‘chym from Ahinsa – some artwork for a loved ones feet!
  4. Stylish barefoot slippers! How about these recycled wool ones from Mahabis.
Courrtesy of FreeSole Barefoot Instagram page

Over €200

  1. Balance Logs: Art and balance beams in one! These stunning wooden beams have been designed by LukΓ‘Ε‘ Hazuka as art for your home and balance beams in one. It is a set that contains 3 halved pieces of different sizes for more difficulty levels and variability of use.
  2. Think Furniture Standing desks have a large selection of stylish computer home and office desks.
  3. Natural Movement Fundamentals eCourse from Movnat. This course is the ultimate primer to restoring your body and building your Natural Movement practice β€œfrom the ground up” – no matter your experience level.
Courtesy of Barefu website

Over €1,000

  1. A stunning ergonomic chair called Soul Seat.
Courtesy of Soul Seat website

Happy Christmas to each and every one of you. I know it has been a strange year for us all and i am sending virtual hugs πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


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