When you’re feeling happy, pay attention!

Most people (me included) recognise only too well when we are in a state of anger, despair, sadness and so on …the so-called ‘negative states.’

What if we paid as much time consciously recognising when we are in a state of joy in the present?

What if we paid attention to what that feels like and what are the circumstances around us at that moment?

What if we did it with our kids too?

What is so wonderful about sitting on the beach looking at waves for some, being immersed in artwork or having a brisk walk for others?

Catch yourself in the flow.

Ask yourself what is it about this that you love?

Pay attention.

How is your breathing at this moment?

Once you become more familiar with these patterns, it becomes much easier to have awareness when certain emotions are triggered. You can say to yourself “ok I really don’t like how this feels in my body, I notice this, I am not going to get attached to it, I recognise it will pass (like all emotions do) and I don’t need to do anything.

You realise there is a choice in every moment. Someone can try to make you angry but no one has the power to do this but yourself, depending on how you handle the emotion that has arisen.

So when I am triggered, I repeat to myself, “I am the only one who has the power to trigger my own circuitry.” The more we look at our circuitry the more we realise that we have a say in what circuitry gets activated/prolonged. So when you’re feeling happy, pay close attention!


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