Ultimate List of Adult’s Barefoot Slippers for every Budget

Courtesy of Mountain Life Media Website

I really thought there was little to no choice when it came to barefoot slippers for adults and kids. Boy… was I wrong. For ease of browsing, Non-English websites have a little * by their name, however, bear in mind many websites can be easily translated with Google Translate, so if you see something you like, don’t let language be a barrier!

Budget Priced: Under €30

2&2 Pattes*

Courtesy of 2 & 2 Pattes Facebook page

Vegetable Tanned Leather ✔️ French Business ✔️

3 Petits Chats

Courtesy of 3 Petits Chats Etsy Page

Faux Leather ✔️ Washable ✔️ Up to size EU 39 ✔️ French Business ✔️


Courtesy of Aiyue on Amazon

Sold on Amazon UK ✔️ Synthetic ✔️


Courtesy of Bidalou Website

Faux leather uppers, leather sole ✔️ Personalized Options ✔️ French Business ✔️


Courtesy of Brodi Website

Leather ✔️ Sheep Wool ✔️ Slovenian Business ✔️


Courtesy of Crocs Website

Synthetic ✔️ Barefoot except the clog style ✔️ U.S Business ✔️


Courtesy of EkoTuptusie Website

Non Toxic Leather ✔️ Vegan Options ✔️ Polish Business ✔️


Courtesy of Fitkicks Website

Vegan ✔️ Synthetic ✔️ U.S. Business ✔️

Hemp Organic Life

Courtesy of Hemp Organic Life Etsy Page

Vegan ✔️ Natural Flax ✔️ Ukranian Business ✔️


Courtesy of Kivala Website

Chrome free Leather and suede ✔️ Sheepskin ✔️ Sheepwool ✔️ French Business ✔️


Courtesy of Longbay on Amazon

Vegan ✔️ Synthetic ✔️ U.S. Business ✔️

Love Takes Care

Courtesy of Love Takes Care Etsy Page

Vegan ✔️Organic Cotton ✔️ Latvian Business ✔️


Courtesy of Nanga Website

Vegan Options ✔️ Wool and cotton ✔️ Austrian Business ✔️ UK shoppers can buy here

Organic Buying

Courtesy of Organic Buying Etsy Page

Vegan Options ✔️ Organic Cotton ✔️ Linen ✔️ Wool ✔️ Hemp ✔️ Ukranian Business ✔️


Courtesy of Slip Stop Website

Vegan ✔️ Synthetic ✔️ French Business ✔️


Courtesy of Starchild Facebook Page

Natural Leather and Suede ✔️ UK Business ✔️

Tomar Creation

Tomar Creation slippers
Courtesy of Tomar Creation Website

Vegetable Tanned Leather ✔️ Merino ✔️ Sheepwool ✔️ French Business ✔️

Average Priced: Under €60


Courtesy of Chouballon Website

Vegetable Tanned Leather ✔️ Sheep Wool ✔️ Sheepskin ✔️ French Business ✔️


Courtesy of Ciora Website

Eco tanned Leather ✔️ Suede ✔️ Sheepskin ✔️ soft soled versions only and not suiting wide foot ✔️ UK Business ✔️


Courtesy of Collegian Website

Vegan ✔️ Cotton ✔️ French Business ✔️ UK shoppers here

Connacht Hide and Wool

Courtesy of Connacht Hide and Wool Website

Sheepskin ✔️ Irish Business

Feelmax Suomi Kenka*

Suomi slippers
Courtesy of Suomi Kenka Website

Sheepwool ✔️ Finnish Business ✔️


Courtesy of Formreich

Non Toxic Leather ✔️ Boiled Wool ✔️ Sheepwool ✔️ German Business ✔️


Freet Talus Indoor Shoes
Courtesy of Freet Website

Vegan ✔️ Talus Option is barefoot ✔️ UK Business ✔️


Courtesy of Giesswien Website

Wool ✔️ Cotton ✔️ Lambskin ✔️ Not for Wide Feet ✔️ Austrian Business ✔️


Courtesy of Gumbies Website

Vegan ✔️ Recycled Rubber ✔️ Recycled PET ✔️ Castor Bean ✔️ UK Business ✔️


Courtesy of Haflinger Website

Styles except for Emil, Blizzard Credo, Grischa, Flair, Bolero ✔️ Note – low arch support ✔️ Wool ✔️ UK Business ✔️


Adults Options: Slippet & Cabin (Women’s) Felt Mule (Men’s)✔️ Vegan Options ✔️ Wool ✔️ Polyester ✔️ UK Business ✔️

Joy’s Kindy

Courtesy of Joy De Berker Website

Wool ✔️ UK Business ✔️


Courtesy of Kuoni Etsy Page

Merino Wool ✔️ Felted Wool Insoles with silicone dots ✔️ UK Business ✔️


Courtesy of Minnetonka Website

Chrissy style is barefoot but not for wide foot ✔️ Suede ✔️ Plush ✔️ U.S. Business ✔️


Courtesy of Moccis Website

Oeko Tex fabric ✔️ Suede ✔️ Wool ✔️ UK Business ✔️


Courtesy of Pothies Website

Wool ✔️ UK Business ✔️

Saute Montagne*

Courtesy of Saute Montagne Facebook Page

Leather and Suede ✔️ Recycled Options ✔️ Sheepwool ✔️ French Business ✔️


Courtesy of Tikki Website

Chrome Free Leather ✔️ Felted Wool ✔️ Romanian Business ✔️


Zeazoo Kiwi
Courtesy of Zeazoo Website

Vegetable Tanned Leather ✔️ Bulgarian Business ✔️

Splurge: Over €60

Draper of Glastonbury

Courtesy of Draper of Glastonbury

Adult Option called Glow ✔️

Barefoot option called Glow, but not for wide feet ✔️ Sheepskin ✔️ New Zealand Business ✔️


Courtesy of Glerups Website

Sheepwool ✔️ Calfskin ✔️ U.S. Business ✔️

Kiwi Sheepskin

Kiwi Sheepskin Booties
Courtesy of Kiwi Sheepskin Website

Sheepskin ✔️ New Zealand Business ✔️


Courtesy of Kyrgies Website

Wool ✔️ Chrome Free Leather ✔️ U.S. Business ✔️


Courtesy of Mahabis Website

Recycled Wool ✔️ Organic Wool Lining ✔️ Canvas ✔️ Leather ✔️ UK Business ✔️

Manitobah Mukluks

Courtesy of Manitobah Website

Sheepskin ✔️ Leather ✔️ Deerskin ✔️ U.S. Business ✔️

Nooks Design

Courtesy of Nooks Design Website

Lambswool ✔️ Leather and suede ✔️ Canadian Business ✔️

Padraig Cottage

Courtesy of Padraig Cottage Website

Wool ✔️Sheepskin ✔️ Suede ✔️ Store Finder has UK Sellers ✔️ U.S. Business ✔️

Posh Panda

Courtesy of Posh Panda Website

Leather and Suede ✔️ Hidehair ✔️ Sheepskin ✔️ Canadian Business ✔️


Courtesy of Sheepland Website

Sheepskin Slipper Boot Style is Barefoot ✔️ Wool ✔️ Sheepskin ✔️ Suede ✔️ UK Business ✔️


Courtesy of Softstar Website

Merino wool ✔️ Sheepskin ✔️ Leather ✔️ U.S. Business ✔️

Teepee Creepers

Courtesy of Teepee Creepers Website

Sheepskin ✔️ Leather and suede ✔️ U.S. Business ✔️

There you have it, plenty of options for cozy feet this Winter.

If you are looking for options for your kids, please check out this post here.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I bought some sheepland boots after reading this, they’re great! I emailed them asking about sizing as they recommend going up 1 size from the measurements on their sizing chart but I went up 2 sizes and they’re just right!


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