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A Vegan Minimalist Match Made in Heaven: Mila Vert & High Feels

Are you a disheartened barefoot shoe enthusiast who wonders if you'll ever be able to look classy and elegant again without heels?

Lems Boulder Waterproof: Their No.1 Selling Boot just got better

This new 2020 version has seen multiple improvements - they've reinforced everything; from a thicker gauge thread to an overall stronger outer construction. They have a pre-treated water repellant finish. And yes, theyโ€™re still zero-drop.

‘Riquet’ – Stylish Chelsea Ankle Boot from Zaqq

What a treat to open the white box from Zaqq. I was very excited by how chic and beautiful they looked. They looked narrower and generally more compact than some of my other barefoot shoes, but they surprisingly fit me really well. The leather was soft and the boot was very well constructed.

Join the Barefoot Mile a Day Challenge!

Barefoot Walk a Mile ! Walk to win barefoot shoes while supporting a great new barefoot app and a kids charity. 22 pairs of shoes up for grabs from Ballop, Zeazoo, Muki, Lems, Freet, Bohempia, Angles, Beda Barefoot, Luks, Wildlings, Feelgrounds,Ahinsa and Belenka.

Be Lenka Penguin Boots for Kids

These boots were a godsend. As I mentioned above, I can no longer get away with 'babyish' styles on Chloรซ. Its normal that kids want to look like other kids - we are a social animal. With these boots, theres no compromise on barefoot function OR style - Be Lenka has designed a boot that kids will want to wear, and that parents can feel good about. Chloรซ wears these with just about everything!

#Barefoot Mile A Day

Check out all the amazing people walking a mile a day. It's not too late to join in. Register now until 14th April here.

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Hi, I'm Caroline. I love barefoot shoes and natural movement. And I am on a mission to help more people discover the joys and pleasures that come from feeling the ground under your feet, feeling good in your own body, and having access to all your body parts! I also love meditation practices, reading, nature, creative flow and cappuccinos with lots of chocolate powder on top.