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What is the inner shadow? “It contains all the parts of ourselves that we have tried to hide or deny, the parts we believe are not acceptable to our family, friends, and, most importantly, ourselves. It is made up of everything that annoys, horrifies, or disgusts us about other people or about ourselves.

Have you begun the Process of ‘Coming Home?’

Many of you are at home right now, alone or with some family members. But have you begun the process of 'coming home?'

The Enlightened No

“I have spent much of my adult life saying Yes when I wanted to say No, and saying No when I wanted to say Yes. I am moving towards a new paradigm - of saying No when I want to say No, and saying Yes when I want to say Yes.”

The Women who Make their Kids’ Shoes

Barefoot shoes (or minimalist shoes as they are also called) are becoming more popular in mainstream culture, as people see for themselves the whole-body benefits of wearing a shoe that is foot-shaped and not shoe shaped.

In bed with….the Bare Soled Girl

If you could ask a guru any question that you want to know the answer to, what would you ask? I wouldn’t ask one. I’ve watched the YouTube videos, read the self-help books, went to more retreats than I can count.

The Importance of Being Uncomfortable

If you can be with the pleasant without chasing after it, with the unpleasant without resisting it, and with the neutral without ignoring it – that is an incredible freedom. (Rick Hanson) I dislike being uncomfortable. I like routine. I like stability. I like when things don’t change too much. I like security.

How I Get My Kids to Walk Long Distances… or Walk at all!

Walking is incredibly important to children’s physiological development. We are biologically designed to walk, and kids need plenty of practice at it to do it well. By doing it well, I mean developing

Mission Statement: Freedom from the ground Up

It means: freedom and flexibility to feel the earth under my feet, not foam or padding or arch supports (which being barefoot, and wearing barefoot shoes gives me). Freedom to express ourselves through our

‘Decrypting’ the Body: Dominik Koch on C- section scars, Barefoot shoes and Stretching

Little did I know that a cesarean section scar from 7 years ago was hindering the movement of my pelvis, nor was I aware that an old knee injury was preventing my left foot from moving well.

Muki: Probably the Most Sustainable Shoe Brand in the World……

Muki was born from friend duo Madlen (German) and Marta (Portuguese). When they conceived their brand in 2018, their goal was to create a healthy and minimalist shoe, that looked great and was entirely made of natural materials.

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